It is narrated in Hades الصدقۃ تدفع البلاء   , Charity averts adversity

It is mentioned in the book named Majma Dawaat that charity prevents us from the calamities that comes from sky, and also changes the decisions of our fortune. To get rid of hurdles, difficulties, sorrows and ailments charity is a best doing along with other amaals. Because Masoomeen a’s narrates that charity averts the adversity except death it is helpful in every aspect of our lives.

There are different ways of charity. First of all keep your capability and affordability in your mind before doing any charity. Do charity while keeping your financial status and affordability in your mind, Allah almighty is most merciful and beneficent and is aware of everything. People should give charity according to their status. May God accept that and create ease for you.


I am presenting the ways of charity in the service of the readers of Imamia jantri that what charity should be, how much it would be and how would it be given?

1. If someone is capable and want to give charity of animal from his side. So he should slaughter the animal of charity and cut that into pieces and then divide into four parts. Keep in mind all parts of the animal including head, foot, and liver heart must be cut into small pieces and must be divided equally into four parts. Put one part on the roof of your house , Second part must be throw in the running water third part in the graveyard and fourth part should be distributed among orphans or also you can donate to  any orphanage so they could eat that meat after cooking .  Because a man is created of four elements soil, water, air and fire. By this procedure you can give charity of animal any day but it’s prior to slaughter the animal and distribution of meat on Tuesday or Saturday. Do not give the skin of animal to any butcher on payment. Rather give that to any widow or orphan girl or a women or after selling that skin give the money to the prescribed ladies. 

In this regard keep in your mind that if the animal is being slaughtered on Saturday so its color should be black or its skin must have black spots and if the animal is being slaughtered on Tuesday so its color should be brown or its skin must have brown spots. On Friday and Monday animal must be of white color or with white spots and on Sunday and Thursday animal of yellowish color or with yellowish spots on its skin would be better. But among these days Tuesday and Saturday are prioritized to slaughter animal with the intention of charity. Animal should be slaughter during daylight from sunrise to till afternoon 3 to 4 pm but not during night. But in case of emergency you can slaughter any time.

2. Secondly give charity according to your weight not everyone can give charity of meat according to its weight because it will cost high. In this regard different types of grains  for example

A= On Saturday according to your weight or 35/80 kilograms black Salt proven pieces should throw in running water . To throw 80 kilogram is better. Once I a month .

B= On Tuesday according to your weight or 45/90 kilograms Lahore’s salt, Reddish proven pieces throw in running water once in a month , to throw 90 kilograms is better.

              C= On Friday mixture of 1.25 kilogram semolina and 1.25 kilogram sugar and add to feed insects after every fifteen days . The charity of salts and semolina with sugar must be continued for four months.

D= On Monday according to your weight or 2/20 kilogram broken rice throw in running water . It is not necessary that rice must of very good quality rather you can also utilize the cheaper rice that is used to feed birds.

E= On Wednesday freeing special Pakistani green color pigeons or parrots is best. Other than that any green vegetable, green fodder for animals can also be donated.

F= On Thursday and Sunday  Yellow or golden colored things like yellow sweets, yellow pulses, yellow corns, wheat or yellow vegetables like yellow Turnip should be given in charity On Sunday it is prioritize to give wheat in charity.

3. The people those find difficult to give charity according to their weight for them the astrologists have suggested special amount of grains for charity, Lentil of Masoor, Black sesame, broken rice, jiggery, and millet are included. Every grain must weigh 250 grams. Collectively it will weigh 1.25 kilogram. Now mix all five grains and divide them into three parts. One part on Wednesday, Second on Thursday and third on Friday throw to feed insects in any graveyard once in a month and for consecutive month’s at-least. There is no need to find insects or no need to go in the mid of the grave yard rather you can place grains on a side as well. You can also put the grains in any empty plot or a side of a tree as well. I pray to Allah Almighty for the acceptance of your donations and charity. And By the Grace of Allah,   may you get rid of your difficulties , Sorrows, ailments , curse, and hindrances

4. Fourthly In the light of the knowledge of numbers and astrology there is a special order of charity. Provided that the person giving the charity remembers his exact date of birth and proper complete name. Here I will give an example of my nephew.

Name Muhammad Basitr Husain, Date of Birth 12-06-2018, and no need of mother’s name. We will take for spiritual amal Basit Husain because we used name Muhammad for blessing

I. First word of mane = Bay = the star of Venus = On Friday charity of white things. 

II. Personal single number =2= the star of the moon = On Monday charity of white things.

III. Date of Birth = 12 =1+2=3 = Star Jupiter = On Thursday charity of yellow things.

IV. Birth Lucky Number =2= Star moon = On Monday charity of white things. (By adding your complete date of birth you can extract your birth lucky number e.g. 12 .06.2018=1+2+6+2+0+1+8 the birth lucky number is 2.

V. From date of birth, Zodiac Gemini, Star Mercury = On Wednesday charity of green color.

Give your respected charity according to this table

                      Table of Charity              

5. Fifthly I am presenting you another order of charity for that you don’t required anything. Everyone should give charity according to this order to get rid of hardships, difficulties and ailments.  

I. On Friday: Mixture of half kg semolina with one quarter sugar place to feed insects.

II. On Saturday : One quarter proven lentil of black mash pour one spoon of  ground red chili and approximately one spoon of mustard oil upon that lentil and throw that in any graveyard or any open place with shopping bag .

III. On Tuesday : One quarter beef  or the liver of hen , pour one spoon of salt and mustard oil upon them and throw outside your house, graveyard or any empty plot  with shopping bag

These charities should be given after every fifteen days. Like one week give charity on Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, and the other day leave these days. Give charity al-least for four weeks with the prescribed order. . Allah Almighty will bless you Insha’Allah

Keep in mind that things of charity do not put them in a middle of a path instead put them in one side of the street, in the corner of Bazar, or in the dustbin placed in the street.

Remember that only charity is not the solution of every problem in fact it just ease us to some extent but for complete healing both the prayer and medicine is necessary. If you are suffering ailment then with charity also take medicine. For difficulties give charity also take measures to get out of that difficulty.

In this article 5 different procedures are described for charity, it does not mean that you are to give all types of charities rather according to you affordability adopt any procedure. You can follow one month one procedure and so on.

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