It is the minor blessing of Ameer ul Momineen Hazrat Imam Ali a.s that this Loh is highly purposeful and full of blessings. So Pay to Allah Almighty cordially. God will fulfill your wish and will bless you in every path of your life with the help of this Loh.

This Loh is a miracle whose magical effects reveals in short time span. The believers who will prepare this Loh and will keep it with them, they will enjoy the blessings of the Loh and the secrets and preciousness of the Loh will be revealed to them.

Preparation of Loh:  Let me explain the preparation of Loh with an example so everyone could gain the advantages of Loh. First of all derive the numbers of Bismillah, secondly count the words of the verse and thirdly count the dots of the verse then add them and keep remember that acquired digit.

Same as mentioned first of all derive the numbers of the Holy verse secondly count its words and thirdly count the dots of the verse and then add them and keep remember the acquired digits

Numbers of Bismillah: 786, Number of Alphabets: 19, Number of Dots: 4, accumulative digit is 809

786 + 19 + 4 = 809 

Numbers of Surah An-Nasr: 6124, Number of Alphabets: 80, Number of Dots: 36, accumulative digit is 6240.

 6124 + 80 + 36 = 6240

Prayer of Victory:     

اَ للّٰھُمَّ یَافَتَّا حُ اِفْتَحُ لِیْ اَبْوَابَ فَتْحِکَ یَافَتَّاحُ 

O Allah, O you who open, open for me the doors of victory, O you who give victory


Numbers of prayer of Victory: 2155, Number of Alphabets: 32, Number of Dots: 20, accumulative digit 2207

2155 + 32 + 20 + 2207

Now collect the accumulative digits. Bismillah: 809, Surah An-Nasr: 6240, Victory Prayer: 2207

809 + 6240 + 2207 =   first scale: 9256

Now derive the lunar numbers of your name and your mother’s name e.g. The numbers of  Zaheer Ahmed bin Balqees : 1270 , Number of Alphabets : 13 , Number of Dots : 8 , accumulative 1291 . Now multiply the accumulative digit with 4,

For example 1291 x 4 = Second scale: 5164

Now subtract the number of second scale: 5164 from the numbers first scale: 9256

9265 – 5164 = 4092

Now write the remaining numbers in the first cell of Loh, now add the number of the one’s name in every cell of the Loh,

For example, the number of first cell will be 4902 now add in second cell 4092 + 1291 = 5383, write 5383 after adding the numbers.

Now add numbers of one’s name 1291 with the number of second cell 5383, 1291+5383 = 6674 now fill cells with the same procedure. Magical Loh is ready for Zaheer Ahmed bin Balqees.


Find your Zodiac with the first word of your name, related day of your zodiac time of zodiac write with saffron ink on a plain white paper fold that Loh in the colored silk fabric or paper related to you star and make it fragrant and keep it with you always. Everyday there is a time of star /zodiac after an hour of the sunrise. So You must recite one tasbeeh of Dua  Fatohat after fajar prayer and pray to Allah cordially Insha’Allah you will achieve your aim soon. Keep the meaning of the the Dua in your mind while reciting it. The procedure of finding the signs according to your name is given below:


مسنونی رنگ

سرنام حروف




اب ج د




ھ و ز ح




ط ع ک ل




م ن س ع



نیلا و سبز

ف ص ق ر




ش ت ث خ




ذ ض ظ غ