Solution of Ailments in prayers Holy Quran is the source of guidance, blessing, guide of life, and great gift of God for human beings. As a Muslim it is our belief that Allah Almighty listen us and Prayer/ Dua is a biggest source for us. When a person gets disappointed there is only Dua /prayer that can release that person from worries. I am presenting some solutions of problems from Holy Quran along with some Supplications taught by Holy Prophet PBUH and Ameer ul Momineen a’s for the readers of Imamia Jantri . Supplication to get rid of calamity: Recite this supplication 70 times and after that pray for your problem Insha’Allah problem will be solved

یا اللہ یا محمدؐ یا علیؑ یافاطمہؐ یا حسنؑ یا حسینؑ یا صاحب الزمان ادرکنی ولا تھلکنی

Holy Prophet PBUH narrates that if any one writes Surah al-Shuura and drink its water will be safe from every disease. To get rid of every kind of ailment if patient recite verse of healing (Ayat e Shifa) and after that recite seven times Ya kaafi ya kaashif al marz so he will be healed. Ameer ul Momineen Imam ali a’s narrates that Holy prophet PBUH used to recite Ya Hayyo ya Qayyum during intense situation and by doing this always get rid from that difficulty without any gap . Imam Ali Reza a’s narrates that for healing of any ailment recite Alsalamo 131 times, will get rid of every ailment Imam Hussein a’s narrates about Prophet Mohammed PBUH that for fulfillment of any desire recite these supplications 1000 times daily for consecutive seven days with the given order. Verse of healing:

آیت شفاء: وننزل من القرآن ما ھو شفاء و رحمۃ المومین ولا یزید الطالمین الاخساراً


یا حیُّ یا قیوم


ایاک نعبدُ و ایاکَ نستعین


سبحان اللہ والحمد للہ


یا اللہ یا رحمٰن


حسبیَ اللہ و نعم الوکیل


یا غفور یا رحیم


یا ذالجلال والاکرام

If the name of God al-Barru is recited 202 times on child he will be safe from calamities and diseases till his puberty. To get access to all of the duas and amliat, you can download the official application of Imamia Jantri 2022. You can also stay updated with the today islamic date with us and shedule all your extra prayers with ease and comfort. 

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