Aqeeq is such a stone that is known for its religious value as well as its beauty. It is one of those lucky stones that are used by our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad . Along with its beautification, it is also known for its benefits all around the globe. You can wear it in converting it into any kind of jewelry.

According to a narration, this stone was used by the Holy Prophet when he intended to send a written invitation to the rulers of Arabia and Ajam in connection with the spread of Islam. Because it was customary in those days for rulers not to accept any document that was not sealed, so He made a silver ring and attached a stone to it which was an Abyssinian stone. He had Allah and His Messenger engraved on this agate. The same sequence is frequently mentioned in the narrations, ie, Allah was inscribed in the first line, Muhammad in the second, and the Prophet in the third line, and the Holy Prophet used this ring as a seal.

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According to another tradition, the same ring was used by Muslims as a seal for a long time after the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was veiled from the world, and it is said that along with the seal, another advantage was protection from the evils and then one day this blessed and clean ring slipped from the hand of the Companion who was in charge of the protection of this ring and fell into the well and could not be found despite a million attempts. It is said that after the loss of this blessed ring, tribulations began to rise in the ummah and a never-ending cycle of problems and insurrections began.

Read this article till end to know more about the types and properties of this stone.

There are many types of agate. First of all, let's talk about its chemical composition and ingredients. The agate actually belongs to the family of rocks called the Calcide Ni Stone - The Calcidney Stone is a macro term, meaning all the stones that are in the crypto crystalline form of 2 O Si are called Calcidney, so any type of agate ie red agate, Yemen agate, onyx agate, black agate etc. are considered to be a type of Calcidney.

Agate grows in the space between the rocks formed by volcanic eruptions, and when hot lava cools to form rocks, the gases inside it are released, and this creates a vacuum in the rocks. Then they begin to fill the space with volcanic material filled with silica and it accumulates in these cavities in the form of layers. This is how the agate stone comes into being. This whole process is completed in a long time and in many years the agate stone is formed from the volcanic substance.

There are many types of agate stone are found but the highest and finest type of agate is considered to be Yemeni agate and its four colors are very attractive and famous. It sometimes has spherical stripes and is also called spectacles.

Second popular type of agate is onyx agate. It is also a very beautiful and attractive jewel and it also has many colors. Black, brown, brown, gray, khaki and white are the colors of this type of agate, but the special thing is that this stone also has beautiful parallel stripes that add to its beauty. According to some traditions, the agate of Solomon is associated with the ring of Hazrat Sulaiman and according to some scholars, the throne of Hazrat Sulaiman was made of this agate. It is called Hajar-e-Soleimani in Arabic and Palang in Sanskrit, while in English it is called Onyx. It is a Greek word meaning nails. The ancient Greeks believed that these were the nails of their goddess Venus. Named - because of its stripes it is also called stringed agate.

The third most popular type of agate is red agate. The stone is four and a half thousand years old and was used by the ancient Egyptians as an ornament. Napoleon is said to have picked up a red agate from the battlefield in Egypt, which he carried with him. He kept the stone until he died and gave it to his nephew when he died. It is a relatively inexpensive stone and is found in orange, brown, yellow, red and pink - but the most popular color is orange.

There are many other types of agate in which the tree agate looks like the branches of a tree, then the plasma agate is greenish black in color and has white and yellow spots and also silky. Lace, mouse and rainbow are some of the other types. Because this stone is found in so many colors and shapes, it is important to consider what type and color of agate it will suit before using it. It is a time taking and full of effort practice.

Let us now take a look at some of the medicinal and healing properties of agate.

Agate is extracted from many countries in the world, including the United States, Russia, Brazil, Italy, India, Iran, Argentina, and Australia. Dr. Smith, a Western researcher who, after 20 years of research on rocks and jewels, turned his work into a book and named it “The Precious Stone”. Dr. Smith writes in this book that when the sun and the moon shine on the rock for 5 years, a substance is formed inside it which takes radiance, color and effect from the sun and the moon, then agate comes into existence. He further writes that the effect of agate is that if it is worn in a twin ring, when the sun's rays fall on it, it opens the pores of the wearer's heart and oxygen, which is essential for human life; it fills in the pores of the heart which strengthens the heart. Wearing agate has a positive effect on human health, creates happiness and joy in the mood and redness on the face. Man works hard, and develops well.

Agate has a cold, dry and dull nature. Its coldness is beneficial for eye diseases and sharpens the eyesight. It is very useful to prepare toothpaste and use it on the teeth. Insect bites, bleeding, cold and hot teeth and other ailments can not only be controlled but also get rid of. At the same time, it strengthens, whitens and brightens the teeth. Kishta Agate is also very useful for paralyzed patients and Kishta agate is also used as an ointment for the treatment of old wounds. Physicians use it to solve women's internal complex problems; it also moderates the reduction of abnormalities in women. The stone is also known to be extremely useful in bleeding from the lungs - the ancient Romans believed that if it was finely ground and dissolved in a certain amount of water and applied to a snake bite, it would become nonpoisonous and eliminates the effect. Agate has the power to stop hemorrhage.

If we talk about the magical properties of agate, it has been considered a religious stone since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians believed that this stone protects from grief and at the same time protects them from the attacks of evil forces. He also believed that agate quenched the thirst if it was put in the mouth.

The ancient Iranians believed that this stone caused changes in the seasons, while in China it was worn as jewelry to calm the mind and remove all negative thoughts from the human energy field. Improves and brings good luck to it - at the same time they believed that if it was tied to the horns of a plowing ox it would give a good harvest and if it was given water or food If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. In China, it is also considered an elixir to break the habit of not sleeping through the night and it is said that the wearer sleeps peacefully.

If we examine these traditions of ancient times in the light of today's science and research, many of these traditions prove to be correct. For example, the use of agate in the treatment of insomnia is extremely beneficial. Research shows that agate absorbs the sun and moon's rays and converts them into energy in such a way that it’s most positive and profound effect is on the heart and then the brain through the heart and oxygen to these two very important organs. There is a better supply of which makes the heart and brain stronger, strengthens the brain and calms the heart. It produces antioxidants in the human body due to which the process of breakdown in the cells of the human body is reduced and the person does not suffer from premature aging and weakness.

People who suffer from a lack of self-confidence, who are afraid to speak out loud in the interview class, or who are afraid of the audience, who are afraid of being left behind in life due to not being able to express their point of view correctly. Yes, for all these people wearing agate proves to be very useful.

 It builds a person's self-confidence and the ability to communicate effectively - but be sure to consult an expert before wearing it so that they can better guide you.

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If you want to take full advantage of the medicinal properties of this attractive stone, be sure to consult a specialist - without experience and research, its medical use can be harmful to you. In this regard, if you want to get the services of Imamia Jantri, you can get the services of a gemstone expert by contacting our numbers.