There are seven verses in this Surah which are attributed to seven stars and are attributed to seven days only. There is a separate secret of the number 9. That is, the essence of Allah Almighty created seven stars on the Sabbath, seven in the heavens, seven on the earth and seven in order to run the system of the universe. The stars are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. For your convenience, I have divided the seven verses of Surah Al-Fatiha into seven days and seven stars, and I have clarified a loh. Keep this table in mind and recite the verse and the name according to the day and the star and keep on breathing on this image.

When you recite the verse and the Ism e Azam according to the daily verse and the name twice, then at the end recite the entire Surah Al-Hamd seven times and breathe on the image and hold the image. That is to say, starting from Sunday, this process is to be completed on Saturday.

Follow the chart mentioned below to complete this amal in a week.

This process is only for one week. That is, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. If your work or need which is permissible according to sharee'ah is not fulfilled then you should do this action for three weeks means 21 days. But sincerity is desperately needed because the cure for spirituality depends solely on one's own intention.

Women should start this process keeping in mind their menstrual cycle. Start with the first Sunday of the new moon, the new moon Sunday. Keep in mind that the Moon should not be in Scorpio during the first seven days. If the Moon and Scorpio increase in the first seven days, then do not start the process at all. Only take care of the Moon and Scorpio. Do it at the same time and place every day ie you have to keep the clock time. Never set an estimated time. At the time of action, if the lamp is lit and the first two rak'ats of the obligatory prayers are offered and the reward of this prayer is offered in the service of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (AS) and Mawla Ali (AS) and then start reciting Surah Al-Fatihah.

During the process, one week or 21 days of raw onions, raw tomatoes, garlic, ginger, all kinds of salads, all kinds of sauces, pickles, etc. should be avoided completely. If the limit is resolved in three weeks, then there is no greater success. This is especially true of young people who, despite being highly educated, are stumbled upon for employment, or of people who are losing out on business, and of girls who, despite being in good shape and highly educated, have their marriages and still facing all sorts of obstacles should do this process in any case. Before starting this process, I am giving you this naqsh. Write this naqsh with saffron ink and place it in front of you and recite surah fatiha according to the count of days and on the last day tie this naqsd on your right arm or wear it around your neck. The effects of this action will be refreshing provided you continue to recite Surah Al-Fatihah once a day with any prayer and as long as you have this image you will continue to get the effects of this action. You should engrave this image on a silver plate in Sharaf-e-Qamar because the engraved image or tablet has a lifetime effect on the metal. Sharaf Qamar happens every month and this time you will easily find the Imamia calendar. I am giving this image in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.