The most awaited time of the Islaic year is finally coming. Some years ago, there was cheerful vibe spreading as Muslims around the world approached the blessed month of Ramadan. Preparing for the blessed month was used to be highly lovable. We have completely forgot the antiquates of how to prepare for Ramadan 2022. Our life has become so chaotic and so fast in the 21st century that we have ignored the traditions of our Prophet peace be upon him. Yes, He (PBUH) used to prepare for the holy month of blessings in advance! You see, fasting does not simply mean abstaining from food and water. Instead, you should think of it as a refresher course that returns your soul to a polished version. Actions and activities that help you celebrate Ramadan in the right way! The few important steps for preparing for Ramzan to make the best out of it are mentioned below. Take a read.



Fasting before fasting, yes you read that absolutely right! If you are misfortunate to miss a few fasts during Ramadan 2020, here is your chance to close the missed opportunities. There is enough time for you! But even if you are menstruating, you can still fast for the sake of your health. The food that we eat all year round accumulates in our body cells, becoming toxic. Fasting will definitely help you to get free of these toxins, and contribute to a vivid change in your life. More than anything else It is a matter of control and fasting before Ramadan will give you that control for sure. Donate this act to the First Ashra of ramadan preparation checklist.



Not to mention compulsory prayers here! But if you missed some of your prayers from last year or so, now is your chance to close the missed opportunities. However, if you are scheduling your prayer time, you should use this time to pray for Nawafil. The benefits of praying Nawafil are so many that they can be included in this limited space. All we can say is that if you make it a habit to pray Nawafil now, it will become easy for you to manage the process of Ramadan preparation 2022.



It, it repents and sins again. The mercy of Allah (SWT) is something that most of us take for granted, but as one gets a chance to think things through, one becomes more aware of the fact that we do not deserve this kindness as sinful creatures. The fact that the doors of mercy are open until the last breath tells you more about how much Allah (SWT) care for us, just His lessons! Now, we all live busy lives, which is why opportunities for time and self-examination are emerging. But that process of self-examination should begin sometime before Ramadan, and it should begin now. To know about the exact ramadan timing 2022 please visit




You are worried about fasting because you are not doing it right! While it is easily understandable that some of the essential elements are not in your diet while fasting, you should work out how to supplement these missing items in your pre-breakfast diet and iftar. There is still time left before we embrace Ramadan 2022, use this time to explore the nutritious content of different food items. Overeating and hunger strikes are two extreme cases, one has to take a balanced approach. And that will only happen if you can make a diet that helps you with enough energy!


 Donate Before Iftar to the Second Ashra of Ramadan


5-Zakaat and Sadqaat

Although the donating is not bound by a specific time or month, Muslims prefer to donate more during the holy month of Ramadan. And the reason is pretty simple, everyone wants to double the promised blessings and rewards offered in return for charity! Apart from Sadaqah, zakat is a symbol of the charitable donations of Islamic charities. If you are going to pay zakat on Ramadan 2022, now may be the best time to calculate your zakat with Transparent Hands zakat calculator! You will also need to identify candidates who are eligible for your zakat money. One option you can consider is charitable organizations and NGOs.