In the letter, Noor Ul Haq Qadri has mentioned how the religious programs or shows that are broadcasted, are presented by hosts who have limited religious knowledge. Hence, it creates different debates and the media then trolls such content. The Minister has written down guidelines to prevent these occurrences from happening. He is of the view that religious programs during transmissions should be presented by those who are religiously educated. Anchors and all participants need to follow modest and decent dressing, and appearance to honor the sanctity of the holy month.

Other points of Minister Noor-ul-Haq Qadri’s letter include:

  • Game shows or other recreational stuff does not need to be aired immediately before/after timings of Sehri or Iftaari.
  • Games should not be included in religious programs.
  • No one is allowed to discuss controversial religious issues
  • No one is allowed to discuss sectarian issues
  • The sanctity of all religious personalities needs to be ensured
  • The sanctity of religious communities needs to be ensured
  • Immoral activity and advertisements should not be telecast during Ramzan
  • Propagation of Islamic teachings and promotion of sectarian harmony should be the main focus