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Spiritual Healing Amidst Tough Times


The world has been hit with the worst of crisis since the past one year. Spiritual help is one thing that a lot of us have tried to seek in one way or another. Be it spiritual consulting services via books, spiritual help online or any other form of spiritual consulting – there has been a global rise in demand in people trying to heal their spiritual side the best way they possibly can.

During these tough times, you might have experienced a moment where you asked yourself 'where to find a spiritual help near me?' – Guess what, you are at the right place! We have recently launched our online spiritual help section where you can connect with our spiritual consultant in just a few clicks.

What is Spirituality?

In the simplest of definitions, spirituality is your soul's connection with elements that serve a purpose that is bigger than our own lives. It could be anything that makes you achieve mental peace that you might have not experienced in a long time.

To some, spirituality could mean art, music, landscape or nature – while others find spiritual comfort when they are closer to God and anything that is connected with religion. The way someone seeks or experiences spirituality varies from one individual to another. Moreover, the spiritual elements for an individual might also change in accordance with his life experiences with the passage of time.

Impact of Spirituality on Emotional Well-being

Spirituality has a deep connection with the emotional well-being of a person. While spirituality revolves around finding the true meaning of life and things that go beyond one's existence, it can have positive effects on emotional health of an individual through positive emotions such as peace, thankfulness, state of contentment, etc.

Whether it is a piece of religious text, a prayer or any other Divine element that heals you spiritually, your emotional health will always be greatly affected by all the spiritual elements you have in your life.

Spirituality in the Modern Age

Ever since the pandemic gripped the entire world, people have relied on spiritual help to a great extent. To make it easier and accessible, numerous mobile apps have been launched to provide spiritual consulting services without the individual having to leave his house for a session or anything.

However, the quality of these spiritual consulting services varies a lot. There is a possibility that you might have downloaded a paid app that talks a lot about spiritual consulting but for real, doesn't really give you what you actually need.

Authenticity is one thing that can never be guaranteed by these relatively newer mobile apps. However, at Iftikhar Book Depot, we take pride in authenticity in all content that we have been publishing since decades – Spiritual consulting won't be any different either!

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